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Sebastian: an ornithological view from the afterlife

by Ross Addison, designed & illustrated by Susannah Lewis

Los Angeles has been the setting for a wide range of fictional genres, but none quite as distinctive as this magical tale. One part family saga, one part tragic love story, one part magic realist tale; there has never, in our opinion, been a story quite like ‘Sebastian’.

Introducing the eponymous foundling pigeon who is rescued from under a parked car on Robertson Boulevard by Libby, a passing carer whose client, Adelaide an ageing widow, becomes Sebastian’s guardian. Adelaide’s son-in-law Daniel in turn introduces Sebastian to Basie, his German Shepherd, who came into his life after the death of his wife, Sarah, Adelaide’s daughter. As Sebastian grows in strength, and Adelaide’s life draws to a close, the humans and the animals discover new perspectives on their pasts and the present, and the courage and strength to face their futures.

But who is telling this story ? A climactic revelation answers that question – and asks the reader questions about their own life.

‘Sebastian’ shows us a Los Angeles as she is rarely seen.


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The Rabbit, The Cat & The Woman

by Peter Delaunay, designed and illustrated by Susannah Lewis

In the faraway lands where each of us lives, love comes to those who follow the magic of The River Volta. When two strangers – The Woman and The Man – catch sight of each other it takes the cunning of The Rabbit and The Cat to bring them together.

A universal story of people wanting to love, and be loved. The text is brought to life with magical illustrations that capture a mystical land where to dream is to live.

This republishing of the story comes in a new hard back edition. The cover has been redesigned by Susannah but Peter’s text and her beautiful illustrations remain as powerful as ever.


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Forget Vivaldi

By Addison Whittaker, illustrated & designed by Susannah Lewis with caricatures by Cassie Kemp.

Less a memoir than the record of a journey: from the damp grey smog of 1950s post-war South London to the blistering summer heat and winter snows of the mountains above the Mojave Desert; via Soho, The Oval, The West End, The National Theatre, Broadway, the Cannes Film Festival, Hollywood and points between; stopping off at The Flamingo, Les Cousins, Charlie’s, Le Caveau, The Cock and Bull, Smoke House and The Twentieth Century Fox commissary among so very many; to meetings, and more, with Joseph E Levine, Bette Davis, Buddy Collette, Harold Pinter, Alex Karras, Nick Darke, David Bowie, Joseph Cotton, Robert de Niro, Dirk Bogarde, Oliver Reed, Glenda Jackson et al.

Forget Vivaldi is the story of a Producer’s adventures in theatreland and the screentrade on both sides of the Atlantic. How a South London boy grew into a highly respected film and theatre producer, and then found true happiness in literally building his home the Sierra Mountains above Los Angeles.

“If a path opens before you, take it. It will lead to another path, and another… eventually the path will lead you home.”                                    A saying of California’s Nuwa tribe.

Inspired by the locations and people in Forget Vivaldi, Susannah’s design and illustration is augmented by specially commissioned caricatures created by Cassie Kemp of Cornwall Caricatures, that recall the work of both the British caricaturist Leslie Ward (‘Spy’ and ‘Drawl’), and the New York caricaturists Alex Gard, John Mackey, Donald Bevan and Richard Baratz whose works are found on the walls of Sardi’s Restaurant.

‘Forget Vivaldi’ is a fascinating and touching memoir of a life well lived, which we will be publishing in the Autumn of 2019.