‘Sebastian’ and ‘The Rabbit, The Cat & The Woman’ – the first two books from Snufflegrin Books will be published at the end of October 2018.   ‘The Rabbit…’ (as we call it here at Snufflegrin Towers) was the first collaboration between Peter Delaunay (text) and Susannah Lewis (illustration) and is now being republished in a hard-back edition by Peter & Susannah, who are Snufflegrin Books.

‘Sebastian’ came to Snufflegrin via the meeting of two long-lost friends in 2014 in Los Angeles when Ross Addison asked Peter if Susannah would be interesting in working on his story, ‘Sebastian’.   Four years later, and here we are !

It was our third book ‘Forget Vivaldi’ which really crystallised the idea of Snufflegrin Books.  ‘Sebastian’ and ‘The Rabbit, The Cat & The Woman’ have in common a certain surrealist/fantasy view of the world.  But our third book, ‘Forget Vivaldi’ is autobiographical – however, once we started working with Cassie Kemp of Cornwall Caricatures on the series of caricatures to illustrate this memoir we thought we would extend the pictorial character of the book by giving each of the chapters a thematic illustration.

‘Forget Vivaldi’ is a memoir of a life that began in South London in the 1950s and is now being lived in California, this is the story of a long and circuitous journey featuring guest appearances by Bette Davis, Harold Pinter, Glenda Jackson, Mel Brooks and Amanda Plummer among many others.   Featuring beautiful caricatures by Cassie Kemp and exquisitely designed by Susannah Lewis, ‘Forget Vivaldi’ is a fascinating and touching memoir of a life well lived.


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